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  • Cas No : 144701-48-1
  • Molecular Formula : C33H30N4O2
  • Application : Anti-Hypertensive


Specification :

Test Specification
Description A White to off white, crystalline powder
Solubility Sparingly soluble in dichloro methane, slightly soluble in methanol, practically insoluble in water
Identification by IR: IR Spectrum of sample should be concordant with that of Reference / Working standard.
Appearance of solution 5% w/v solution in IM sodium hydroxide should not more intensely coloured than than reference solution YS4
Loss of drying at 1050C Not more than 0.5% w/w
Sulphate Ash Not more than 0.1%
Heavy Metals Not more than 20 ppm
Assay ( by Potentiometrically )
(on dried basis)
Not less than 99.0%, and not more than 101.0%
Related substances by HPLC  
9.1 Impurity A Not more than 0.15%
9.2 Impurity B Not more than 0.15%
9.3 Impurity C Not more than 0.20%
9.4 Impurity D Not more than 0.20%
Related Solvent by GC  
10.1 Methanol Not more than 3000 ppm
10.2 Acetone Not more than 5000 ppm


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